What we do

High School Outreach

  • Mwalimu Program: Gender Sensitization activities for high school teachers
  • Mentorship and outreach: Awareness creation to increase girls’ participation in STEM subjects

University Outreach:

  • Create mentor-mentee linkages for leadership mentoring
  • Awareness creation to ensure retention of ladies in science and engineering careers

Leadership and Career Mentorship

  • Career development, leadership training and empowerment programs for women scientists and engineers
  • Create Networking opportunities to enhance collaboration
  • Empowerment programs for scientists and engineers in decision-making positions
  • Organization of conferences and workshops for African Women Scientists and Engineers


  • Lobbying for inclusion of women in STEM in various sectors
  • Highlighting female leaders in science and engineering areas as role models
  • Recognition of the contributions of African women scientists and engineers
  • Awarding women in STEM who excel in their fields

Technology Transfer:

  • Creating opportunities for scientists to participate in collaborative technology transfer activities
  • Enhancing collaborative research and entrepreneurship activities between women in STEM throughout Africa.
  • HIV/AIDS Activities: African Universities Responding to HIV/AIDS