I am a Biochemist

Posted on July 13, 2016
Read our candid and thought-provoking interview with Ms. Joyce Githuku, a Biochemist working with Kenchic Kenya Ltd. She takes us through her career journey from aspiration, to the heights that her career is taking her.   Question: What led you to Biochemistry? Joyce: Initially, my dad and cousin told me to choose a course that I was not too difficult and easy to pass, not Biochemistry. I was shocked at the extent to which they did not believe

I am a Civil Engineer

Posted on July 6, 2016
Meet our East African Civil Engineers, Catherine Githuku is a lecturer at the Kenyatta University, Kenya and Agustina Alexander is a lecturer at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Question: How would you describe yourself as a civil engineer? Catherine: I am a lecturer in civil engineering. I enjoy training especially in the areas of structures(design of buildings, foundations and similar structures). I have also specialized in structures around water-ways(that is dams and intakes). Agustina: I am a consultant.
I must admit from the onset that growing up as a young girl in a male dominated environment and following it up with a career as a mechanical engineer in a similar environment was not a walk in the park. This said, I still believe in destiny and the power of hard work, commitment, and dedication. I recall my high school principal stating emphatically at a Monday morning assembly that, “As a woman, you have


Posted on June 29, 2016
Networking has become an important skill in the career and business fields. In its simplest form, networking is talking and connecting with people with the aim of developing relationships that will improve your chances of finding your dream job. If you don’t get put in the frame for a job directly as a result, then at least you are likely to discover prospects which you might explore further. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines networking as the

My Passion – Geology

Posted on June 22, 2016
Ms. Keketso Patricia Kabi, a final year student of Geology at the University of Botswana, originally from Lesotho, tells us about her passion in geology. Who I am, Why I chose geology  and why I still want to do it. I fell in love with geology from watching National Geographic and the Discovery Channel on television in primary school.  My sister always thought I was joking but I knew what I wanted to do. Why I love Geology? I feel that
As a young girl growing up, I was always fascinated by the things around me. When I looked at human beings, birds, airplanes, ships and cars, one question constantly plagued my mind, “How do they function the way they do?” I remember asking my mom what makes cars move. Her response was that fuel made cars move.  This was not convincing at all because I didn’t understand the process. From this moment, I decided I


Posted on June 9, 2016
Most people talk about mentors. I used to be envious of my friends who had mentors. It seemed like they were ahead of me in one way or the other because I knew the benefits of having one. I figured that because of my limited knowledge in getting a mentor, I would not be getting mentored in the near future. You’ve probably gone through the effective components of great mentorship relationship in the previous article

I am a Mine Geologist

Posted on June 1, 2016
Meet Ms. Keitumetse Atang Tshoganetso, a Mines Geologist working at First Quantum Mineral Co., Zambia. She has studied and worked in Botswana as an Exploration and Engineering Geologist, before venturing into Mine Geology. Q: Tell me what your job entails as a mines geologist. A: A Mine Geologist is the heart of the mining operation. I am responsible for guiding and delineating ore for the mining team as well as ensuring that the highest quality
My journey to success has just begun. Maybe this journey began subconsciously, with the mind refusing to acknowledge its existence and yet, contributing to a percentage of my current success. I am a strong believer in having a life purpose and a dream. A big DREAM. Finding this purpose may be clear to many but is a daunting odyssey for me. Some days I wake up with a clear vision of my direction in life,

Call for Contributors

Posted on May 12, 2016
We are on a journey to share the experiences of the African Woman in STEM through features on this blog. We look forward to having you as part of our team of female scientists and mentors! Are you a female scientist or engineer from any part of the Africa and the world in general? Are you interested in mentoring young people through your experiences? We invite you to share your experience as a woman in

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  1. You caught my eye from what you said about biochemists. Actually am a biochemist and based on my research its tough to secure a job or what one intended to do as a biochemist. I know of biochemists who have gone to banking, teaching, lab technicians etc yet that was not what they aspired to. The course is good but i feel one has to advance to become more specific.

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