The number of women in science and engineering in Africa is below 20%, even though women make up over 50% of the population and form the majority of the work force in most countries. This percentage reduces further in leadership positions and graduate levels of education. The presence of women in science and technology careers is critical in the current innovative and disruptive-endeared market. Opening up the economy to this mostly unconsidered sector of the market would ensure participation towards tackling the challenges of Africa such as unemployment, health and poverty. Women should be encouraged to pursue science-oriented disciplines, as partners in promoting development in our comment in through technology.

AWSE aims to create a critical mass of female scientists and engineers in Africa through empowerment programs.
AWSE names and celebrates women in STEM making a difference in Africa.
AWSE shines a spotlight on opportunities available for anyone interested in joining the STEM field, for the development of Africa.
AWSE is a ladder of growth for women in STEM in Africa, to engage, to network, to learn and to grow together, as we improve lives on our continent.