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  1. High School Outreach
    1. Awareness creation to increase girls’ participation in STEM subjects
    2. Gender Sensitization activities for high school teachers
    3. Mentorship and outreach programs to enhance girls’ participation in STEM subjects.
  2. University Outreach
    1. Outreach to universities within African countries
    2. Create mentor-mentee linkages for leadership mentoring
    3. Awareness creation to ensure retention of ladies in science and engineering careers
  3. Leadership and Career Mentorship
    1. Career development, leadership training and empowerment programs for women scientists and engineers
    2. Create Networking opportunities to enhance collaboration
    3. Empowerment programs for scientists and engineers in decision-making positions
    4. Organization of conferences and workshops for African Women Scientists and Engineers
  4. Advocacy
    1. Develop an approach for recognition of the contributions of African women scientists and engineers
    2. Highlighting female leaders in science and engineering areas as role models 
    3. To provide awards to women scientists and engineers who excel
  5. Create a critical mass of women scientists through various empowerment programs
  6. Technology Transfer:
    1. Creating opportunities for scientists to participate in collaborative technology transfer activities
    2. Enhancing collaborative research and entrepreneurship activities between women in STEM throughout Africa.
    3. HIV/AIDS Activities: African Universities Responding to HIV/AIDS